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Hydrate, Exfoliate and Glowy Facial Set

Hydrate, Exfoliate and Glowy Facial Set

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Your home Facial Set to help exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 

RRP £107

Special Offer for ONLY £90 

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  1. Use to remove makeup
  2. Home Mini Facial 
  3. Helps exfoliate skin gently
  4. Helps Hydrate skin
  5. Gives your skin a glow


Environ Dual Action Pre-cleanse Oil RRP £23.00

This mild pre-cleanser gently and effectively cleans by assisting with the removal of excess surface oils, impurities and make-up. It rinses off effortlessly with no oily residue, leaving the skin feeling clean and moisturised.

Environ Hydrating Clay Masque RRP £34.00

Hydrating Clay Masque is a multi-tasking masque that could be applied as either a quick, gentle facial or décolletage micro-exfoliant or alternatively as a hydrating masque. It is gentle enough to use two or three times a week.

Environ Super Moisturiser RRP £33.00

A luxurious cream, containing a variety of dynamic moisturisers and emollients that may assist in enhancing the skins barrier function as well as natural moisturising factors. Vitamins and antioxidants enhance the user experience by adding to the overall protection from the effects of free-radical damage, resulting in skin that feels nourished and refreshed.

Complimentary Jane Iredale Magic Mitt £17.00

  • Quickly and completely removes all make-up using only water.
  • Gently exfoliates and promotes skin health.
  • Reusable and easy to clean