Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test

Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test

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Intolerances may have a role in health and skin problems. Dry skin, breakouts and rashes can all be signs of a food intolerance. The Food Intolerance Test is a simple finger prick test. You simply send your sample off to our partners, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, who will give you an answer.

Not available for Northern Ireland

What if I have an intolerance? If you receive a positive result to possibly having a food intolerance, further medical advice will be needed.

Key Benefits

  • A test designed to determine whether an individual has elevated food-specific IgG antibodies.

How To Use


If you receive a positive result to having a food intolerance, further testing will be needed to pinpoint which foods you are reacting to. You have choice of more comprehensive tests from just £96. There are seven different options covering a wide variety of foods. They will use your same blood sample, and you will deal directly with the laboratory to organise your upgrade.

Please follow instructions on enclosed leaflets.


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