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CACI and Environ Facial
CACI and Environ Facial

CACI and Environ Facial

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Are you missing your Environ and Caci Facials ? 

We have this Home Facial Set for you.

What is included :- 

How to use 

1. Massage in a 10p size pre-cleanse Oil over face and neck for 3mins, remove with Damp Magic Mitt or Water - this will help remove any makeup and remove any oils from the skin.

2. Apply another 10p size of pre-cleanse Oil(1) and apply a 10pm size of Hydrating Clay Masque (2) and massage in for 5 mins ( this will help to exfoliate and hydrate skin. Remove with Magic Mitt or water.

3. Apply toner on to cotton pads and wipe over face and neck

4. Apply 1 pump of Revival Masque for 10 mins, and then remove with Magic Mitt or water.

5. Apply Caci Hydratone Mask and leave on for 10 mins ( contains hyaluronic acid, whcih will help plump up skin and hydrate). Once removed, massage in excess fluid.

6. Apply 1 pump of Avance Elixir Moisturiser with a pea size of AVST 1 and massage in.

Eye Mask can be applied on another day. You will have enough Revival Masque for about 5 uses.