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Environ Home Facial Kit with Revival Masque

Environ Home Facial Kit with Revival Masque

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Treat yourself to an anti-aging, exfoliating and hydrating Environ Vitamin A Facial with Environ Professional Products.

This facial will help hydrate, exfoliate and firm your skin. 

The box set is enough for at least two facials.

Revival masque will last for about 5 applications. 

Comes in a lovely reusable Gift Box

Magic Mitt is normally £13.99 to purchase

 How to use

1. Apply Eye Makeup Remover with Cotton Pads and wipe off any eye makeup.

2. Apply Pre-cleanser massage in, followed by Clay Masque and Massage in for 3-5 mins, remove with Magic Mitt

3.Apply 10p size Low Foam Cleansing Gel with damp hands and massage in well all over face and neck. 

4. Remove cleanser with Damp Magic mitt.(Magic mitt helps gently exfoliate skin, removes makeup and can be used by itself)

5. Apply Alpha Toner Forte with Cotton Pads. Allow to dry

6. Apply 1 pump of Revival Masque for 10 mins and remove with warm water or magic mitt - contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids - this will help exfoliate, hydrate, plump and tighten skin) 

7. Apply eye gel on eyes ( eyelid and under eyes)

8. Apply Avst 1 Moisturiser.

9. Apply SPF if using during the day.

ENJOY  💆‍♀️

 Extra  Information

Full Size Revival Masque - also known as a facelift in a bottle is normally  £55.00 and contains AHA's to brighten, firm and lift skin