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Skin Youth Biome - microbiome.
Skin Youth Biome - microbiome.
Skin Youth Biome - microbiome.

Skin Youth Biome - microbiome.

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Skin Youth Biome™ is a completely unique skin probiotic which has been formulated with a combination of 4 scientifically studied strains of bacteria that is unique to the Advanced Nutrition Programme™. This combination of live cultures (5 billion active cultures), with added vitamin C, not only help support and maintain a normal healthy intestinal flora but also work in synergy to give a smoother, more youthful looking complexion. These 4 unique strains have been found to support immunity and exhibit anti-ageing properties.  


Key Benefits

  • Skin Youth Biome™ is a completely unique probiotic formula and has been specifically customised by the Advanced Nutrition Programme™. There is no other probiotic like it in the world!
  • Skin Youth Biome™ has been specifically formulated for the skin
  • The live cultures are encapsulated in vegetable capsules made from plant fibre sourced from trees
  • Skin Youth Biome supports the skins natural barrier
  • Helps to reduce fine lines
  • Supports healthy gut flora
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Supports collagen formulation
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Skin Youth Biome does not require refrigeration.
  • The live bacteria strains are housed within a protective matrix which ensures they address the areas of the gut, where they are needed the most.
  • This product has undergone rigorous stability testing so we are able to guarantee there are 5 billion active cultures right up to the end of the two-year shelf life
  • Skin Youth Biome™ is packaged in an aluminium blister to provide additional protection from moisture and light. Each capsule is packaged in a separate pocket within the blister which has been flushed with Nitrogen to prevent oxidation. This packaging ensures the stability, integrity and quality of the product is maintained for each individual capsule right up until the best before date
  • Skin Youth Biome™ also contains vitamin C which is important for skin collagen formation and contributes to the normal function of the immune system


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