• Best way to get smooth looking and more even tone legs

    How to exfoliate and reduce pigmentation on legs, arms and body.




  • Are you loosing hair?

    My hair and nails are always weak, what can I use?

    Find out the essential vitamins required to help improve your nails

  • Ideal solutions to help reduce pigmentation

    Which products should I use to reduce pigmentation
  • Do I need a Supplement Routine ?

    We all aim to have healthy diet and try to eat 5 a day but sometimes it can be hard with our lifestyles. Taking a multivitamin everyday day helps t...
  • How to improve your collagen in your skin.

    Read more on how to improve your skin collagen, reduce lines and wrinkles and reddening in the skin and have a smoother looking skin.
  • Pigmentation - what causes it and can it be reduced ?

    What Is Pigmentation and what causes it?

    Pigmentation refers to discoloration of the skin, it has a complex set of causes ranging from too sun damage, inflammation, hormones and skin damage which creates unevenly discoloured patches on the skin but other things can also effect the skin such as

    • Pregnancy
    • Contraceptive pill
    • Stress

    Pigmentation is caused due to accelerated production of melanin in your skin these specialised cells are called Melanocytes. Melanin is the natural pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes their colour. However treatments and products from Environ can help repair and control the skin.


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